Thank you for your interest in the Ivana Chubbuck workshop on Mar 4th(Sat) and 5th (Sun). 

I should be posting more information in English soon but I give you the information you need to join the workshop immediately.

The 2 days workshop will cost ¥88,888 per each actor (¥77,777 for returning actor).
If you want to work with Ivana as a participant, please apply from the following link by no later than December 31 th.

Once we received your application, we will ask you to send us your resume and pictures by email.


16 professional actors will be chosen by Jan 11 and Ivana will assign scenes to be presented during the workshop. If you are selected, you need to rehearse with your scene partner for at least 8 hours before you put up a scene in front of Ivana and auditors. Reading and having an in-depth knowledge of her book “The Power Of The Actor” is mandatory.


It is also possible to be part of Ivana’s Workshop as an active auditor. Each auditor will feel very much part of the action and at the end of the 2 day there will be a Q&A and book signing. Listening and absorbing Ivana’s invaluable suggestions is an excellent learning opportunity for actors of any experience level as well as for teachers, writers, directors and casting agents.

To audit, the fee is :
¥33,000 – Vortex Seat: 24 front seat reservation
¥25,000 – Regular Seat
¥20,000 – Student of Certified teachers.

★Please know that the price is the same even if you can participate only 1 day as an auditor.

If you want to audit, please apply from the following link.

(You need to be able to follow the Japanese instructions. If you have difficulty,
please get back to me and I will guide you otherwise) Payment needs to be made by Paypal or bank transfer. Let me know if you need more information. Looking forward to your joining us!

Warmest regards,
Tetsuya Shiraishi